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Silky Smooth viscose mat

Silky Smooth viscose mat

Nice grey silver velvet carpet.

Silky Smoot is a good-looking grey carg in the velvet-like material viscose. The rug is perfect for the person who wants to put a torn rug in viscose raps that barely gives off any dust or lint.

  • Nice light gray rug in the material tencel.
  • Choose between six sizes or moderate stores in store
  • Unsure? Order to get matt samples
  • Strong, ludable material.
  • Soft and fair!

To decorate a home with carpets is clearly a good investment, since it insulates sound and, in addition, the room makes the room considerably more rebated. Viscoats are a good investment if you're going to buy a new carpet, because the material is worn out, and it feels good like velvet. In addition, the material tencel is environmentally friendly at a sensible price. Feel free to impregnate your rug before use to protect against the weave.

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