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Silky Smooth viscose mat

Silky Smooth viscose mat

Gray-brown velvet rug

Hand-woven stylish rug in tencel. Tencel is a form of viscose that is as soft as viscose and virtually lint-free and very durable. The rug has a high velvet feel and luxurious feeling.

  • Durable quality
  • Hand-woven velvet feel
  • Made of the softest tencel
  • Luxurious and elegant rug
  • We have several standard sizes. You can also order the carpet to measure.

This exclusive rug is made of tencel which is a form of viscose. The quality is very durable and soft as velvet. This rug is 200 cm long and 300 cm wide, but since all rugs are hand-woven, they can vary slightly in size. All our viscose mats are of the highest quality and guarantee a long service life. For best protection, it is recommended to spray the carpet with textile protection before use.

This exclusive velvet rug is a must for you who love quality and exclusive elegance. The carpet is woven so that it gets a lighter shade if it is laid in one direction and a darker shade if it is turned in the other direction. This wonderful property makes it easy for you to change the environment in your home whenever you want!

Order a carpet sample before you make the big investment if you are unsure of the color. Email us and we will send the sample to your home,

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