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  • Stor & djup 3-sits soffa i ljusgrått bomull- och lintyg
  • Magiskt skön coh djup 3-sits soffa Venice
  • Superskön och mjuk, stor 3-stis soffa i naturligt tyg
  • Beige stor och djup 3-sits soffa
  • Stor djup soffa i ett naturtyg av bomull och lin i grå färg
  • Blått deminaktigt bomull- och linnetyg på Venice djup 3-sits soffa
  • Brun stor och djup 3-sits soffa Venice hos The Sofa Store
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Venice deep 3 seat sofa

Bredd 226 x Djup 113 x Höjd 90 cm

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Our womanest sofa in several colors

Venice is being shown here as a 3-seat sofa in a nice sandwash-washed cotton cloth. The sovic is a buildbar, and if you want a larger variant, it is possible to add modules. The comfort of the Sacrifian is beyond its equal. If you've ever been looking for a deep, pouring and ultra comfortable couch, you have to experience Venice.

  • Danish Premium Quality
  • Buildable modus sofa
  • Width 226 x Depth 113 x Height 90 cm
  • Deeply, fair & superpudise
  • Is in a lake of colors, fabrics and patterns

If you want to be our most welcome dream couch ... you're welcome to our interior boutique on Hornsgatan 84.


Leveranstid ca 8 veckor


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 What colors and fabrics can you choose?

-ALL! We have basically no restrictions. With us, you as a customer choose completely optional fabric from all our furniture and armchairs. All colors and upholstery you see on the website, you can choose for any sofa & armchair. On the website we have posted one selection of fabrics and colors. There is more to choose from and if you have a special color or material in mind such as linen, velvet, etc., throw away a message in the chat and we will contact you.

What does "Pg1, Pg2, etc." mean?
-Since we have hundreds of upholstery to choose from, we have posted a general article for those who have selected fabric for their furniture via sent fabric sample. To complete the purchase on the website, you must know which price group the fabric belongs to and which color code you want. The color code and any other choices can be entered in the checkout message field.
-If you do not see the phrases "pg1" etc. then it is the version you see that applies. If you have questions, you can use the chat icon at the bottom and we will guide you correctly.
-We go through all orders carefully and if something is missing or goes wrong, we will contact you before we send your order.

Is the furniture assembled?
-Our sofas and armchairs are normally factory-fitted, as well as on the legs. Some buildable models come in parts. Therefore measure the entrances and gatehouse so that the product enters the house / apartment without obstacles.
-Make sure that the product rests on a soft surface (such as a towel) when mounting so that the product is not scratched or damaged in any other way.
-We go through all orders carefully and if something is missing, out of stock or goes wrong, we will contact you before we send your order.

What are the shipping costs?
-We have a free shipping limit of SEK 2,500. Orders equal to or above this amount are delivered free of charge to the gate / plot boundary throughout the country. Carrying in is an additional service. 

How is the shipping done?
-Smaller goods under 150x50x50 cm are normally sent to the nearest agent for environmental reasons. Otherwise, we deliver to the gate / plot boundary via freight agents. It is possible to buy for carrying furniture within Stockholm / Uppsala. The shipping agent books time with you by phone, via text message or email. It is possible to choose the day.


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