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Takkrrone Columbus

Takkrrone Columbus

Exclusive ceiling 1 metre

Columbus is a great-looking skydip that's all 103 inches in diameter. There are several colors to choose from. Twelve light bulbs are very illuminating. It is recommended to purchase dimable lamps (not included). In particular, it is recommended that the lamp has high ceilings in order to be able to use the maximum length of 4 metres. Do you wish for a longer cease-fire? Let us know when we're done, and we'll fix it.

Diameter 103 cm, height 4 inches. Set the length of 4 metres (may be moderable). Max 40W. Made of steel.

Takkrkran Columbus is in many different colors. Black, antique black, antique white, brass, antique copper are the colors that we present here, but in the below thumbnail, you see other colors that you can get the lamp painted in. If you have a special project for the office or at home, you can also order all colors in the RAL system

Different colours to skyheads Columbus 103 cm

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