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Cheese platter Costa red

Cheese platter Costa red

Costa cheese platter

Costa cheese tray from the brand ByOn is a stylish tray in red stoneware that with its speckled color gives your table setting an extra genuine and rustic feel.

  • Made of stoneware
  • 38x30 cm
  • Washed by hand
  • Color red
  • Can be hung up for storage

Set out your cheeses on the Costa cheese platter for a stylish and genuine table setting. The red stoneware gives a rustic feel and is perfect for cheese and biscuits. The tray can be hung up so when you are not using it you can hang it up and it becomes a nice decoration. Can of course also be used for other things and do themselves as well as, for example, cake dishes.

Stoneware gives a rustic feel that fits nicely with cheeses and biscuits. You will find several other trays and plates from ByOn to match with. The beauty is that you can match all shapes and colors without it cutting against each other. Several tiles to hang together will be a fantastic decoration in the kitchen.

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