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Nila wool carpet

Nila wool carpet

Large beige wool rug

Nila is a large luxurious handwoven wool rug that is very densely woven. When you walk on this carpet you do not feel the floor as you do with cheaper carpets. The size is 2x3 meters, but it is possible to order this hand-woven rug in any size. Custom orders are only made on site in our furniture store on Hornsgatan 84.

Nila wool carpet is part of our own collection of slightly thicker and more luxurious rugs. From our customers, we have long been told that many carpets do not feel snug or that they are too thin and thus move. It is in itself nothing strange as cheaper carpets do not normally have the material density required to create the weight required for the carpet to lie still. However, until now it has been difficult to get hold of a heavier densely woven carpet at a good price. We import our carpets from India like any other player, but with carbon offset freight. The carpet is extremely affordable and the corresponding quality costs easily 30% more on the market in the same size.


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