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Lampshade Carmina mini - several colors

Lampshade Carmina mini - several colors

Carmina lampshade with many possibilities

Carmina lampshade is a neat lamp with a wave-like design that enlivens the home. The lampshade can be used as a floor lamp, table lamp or ceiling lamp. Carmina is delivered in a flat, sober and environmentally friendly gift package, the perfect go-away gift when you want to surprise someone with finesse. Available in 6 different color styles.

Dimensions: H27 cm Ø 34 cm

Material: Polypropylene / Polycarbonate

Light source: 60W (not included)

Base: E27 / E26

Included: 2.1 meter long textile cable and roof cup

Info: The lampshade fits all VITA / Umage lamps

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