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Conditioner 500 ml Birch stowage

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Balsam Björktuva

Balsam Birch toss from Vakinme is a natural product without harmful parabens or silicones. The product is made in Sweden and contains sunflower oil, witch hazel and vitamin B.

  • Free from parabens and silicones
  • 500 ml
  • Contains sunflower oil, witch hazel and vitamin B
  • Smells fresh with bergamot and green lemon
  • Produced in Sweden

Balsam Björktuva has a fresh scent of bergamot and green lemon. The conditioner contains sunflower oil, witch hazel and vitamin B. Sunflower oil is nourishing and moisturizing while witch hazel is softening and soothing. Vitamin B stimulates hair growth and helps the hair to remain healthy, strong and shiny. The bottle contains 500 ml and comes with a smart pump for easier use when washing. The product can be used every day.

Vakinme is a Swedish producer of home and body products. They use only natural and/or organic ingredients and the products are completely herbal. The company ensures that their products do not contain any harmful substances such as parabens or silicones. It has chosen to combine the finest ingredients in these natural products for you and your home.