Fabric samples for sofas & armchairs etc.

When you are faced with the choice of furniture fabric, it is important to take into account where the sofa or armchair should stand and how it should be used. Worth knowing is that the majority of our quality fabrics can be washed in a regular washing machine. Should the sofa withstand small sticky children's fingers or stand in direct sunlight? If there are children and pets in the household, we recommend impregnated fabrics that provide masterful protection against moisture, dirt and stains. The impregnation gives the fabric an invisible film and does not change the fabric's natural properties, appearance or breathability. If the sofa is to stand in direct sunlight, it is good if the lightfastness of the fabric is extra high (the scale is measured from 1-8). In the case of the latter example, synthetic fabrics withstand sunlight better than more expensive cotton fabrics. Lessons like this will benefit you so that you always get the right fabric quality based on taste, taste and function. Our durable quality fabrics come from leading weaving mills around Europe. Their fabric collections range from exclusive wool textiles with elements of silk and linen to fresh velvet fabrics and durable leather / leather, and the generous color palette holds everything from light pastels to color bombs and graphic fabric patterns. Now you might be wondering if our fabrics are durable? Martindale is a measure of how durable the fabric is. At least 25,000 are advocated for home use and 50,000 Martindale for the public environment. Then it can be nice to know that the majority of our fabrics are at 50,000 and up. We have divided our fantastic fabrics into different price groups, where price group 1 is the cheapest. If a fabric question arises… or if you want fabric samples sent home, we are available on our chat to assist you.  

Price group 1

Fabric No. 108 focuses on high wear resistance. Polyester is a fiber that is also more resistant to spills and dirt. If, for example, you are facing south with a lot of sunlight, a fabric in price group three or four is recommended instead, as this type of fabric has a higher light density which, among other things, depends on the fabric density. Dry washable. 100% polyester.

Price group 2

Fabric no. 204 is slightly more interwoven than fabrics in price group 1. Here the fabrics start to become a little softer in their feeling. Consists of polyester. Dry washable. 

Price group 3

Fabric 375 is a pure (100%) cotton fabric, for those who prefer natural materials. The fabric is also sand-washed and has its own unique character, on every meter of the roll. Dry washable. 

Fabric No. 394 is one of our best fabrics from a practical perspective. Tightly woven polyester fabric in 100%, which is soft and comfortable and with the property that it is impregnated (eco-tex standard 100 certified) and also machine washable. 

Fabric 222 crushed velvet. A living fabric, consisting of polyester and viscose. The polyester provides durability and durability while the viscose contributes with its incredibly fine luster. Machine washable fabric. 

Price group 4

Fabric 450 is an impregnated (eco-tex certified) velvet fabric with short fibers. On velvet with short fibers, you do not see traces of where you sat in the same way as with long fibers. Impregnated and eco-tex certified fabric. Machine washable. 100% polyester. Perfect child family fabric!

Fabric 401 looks like linen but consists of 78% polyester and natural materials, in the form of 22% cotton. This is one of our most popular fabrics. It has most things - it is nice, soft and impregnated (eco-tex certified). In addition, you can machine wash the fabric in 30 degrees. Recommended for families with children.

Fabric 426 is a corduroy fabric that consists of 100% polyester. This type of fabric creates a life in the fabric in a subtle way. Machine washable fabric with very high wear resistance.  

Fabric 479 is a fabric in 100% natural material. The fabric is soft and comfortable against the skin and consists of cotton and linen fibers. Dry cleaning is recommended. Durability 32,500 martindale (20,000 recommended for home use). Gives a classic elegant look on sofas and armchairs. 

Fabric 480 is a spring classic velvet. The fabric has most things. Consists of polyester and therefore withstands a lot. It is durable, machine washable and has a high lightfastness (better resistance to light). 

Price group 5

Fabric 608 is exclusive fabric in 100% linen. Fabric 608 is probably everyone's dream fabric if you want an exclusive fabric made of 100% natural material. And not many fabrics breathe and feel as soft as the finest Italian linen. Machine washable fabric.

Leather fabric 511 is a new type of upholstery that has taken customers by storm. With a 100% back of recycled leather with its strong durability combined with a polyester surface, you have the best of both worlds, wear and softness. In addition, it is much cheaper than 100% leather. We have tried to soil the upholstery with a freshly made cup of espresso but there was no match for this upholstery. 

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