About us

The Sofa Store - Sofas and furniture for passionate sofa sleepers

The Sofa Store is located in Stockholm and is a Swedish privately owned retail company that mainly sells furniture for the living room, such as sofas, armchairs, lighting, carpets, media furniture and accessories. The Sofa Store is run by a true entrepreneurial spirit and a high level of service to customers.

A unique range

In our showrooms in Söder and in Upplands Väsby in Stockholm and in our online store, we offer stylish sofas, furniture and fabrics that no one else has. Whether you want a giant sofa or a small, smaller and compact model for your first 1st, The Sofa Store has something for you. The large furniture retail chains usually use the same suppliers. As there are only a few wholesalers who can supply the volumes and prices that these chains require, the range in their stores will be very similar. So the choices are not as great as you might think. We work with smaller sofa manufacturers and hand-pick fabrics from Europe's leading weaving mills. Instead of copying others, we add something new to the market. In addition, the range is adapted to your needs. Many of our sofas have been added as requested directly from our customers.

The right sofa and furniture for the right customer

We make sure you buy the right sofa for your needs. For example, if you have children and buy a sofa with an expensive and exclusive fabric, you usually make a bad deal, as more expensive fabrics usually have to be dry-cleaned if the children spill on the sofa. A cheaper fabric with a higher proportion of synthetic material is often both better protected against spillage and more durable. More expensive is not always better. Recommending a cheaper and more appropriate fabric can mean a worse deal for the store from a short-term perspective. In the long run, it is unbeatable both for you and for the store.

World-class knowledge and service

A good sofa is an investment. Therefore, it is important that you get the right help and good service both before and after the purchase. All our sales people have many years of experience and know everything about our sofas. Knowledge is the most important prerequisite for being able to sell according to your needs. Pretty happy is not good enough for us. If you have any comments or are dissatisfied with your purchase, we are there for you. We do not hesitate to correct anything that has gone wrong.

We are simply like you. We love sofas.

Welcome to The Sofa Store. The shop for passionate soffliggare.