A guide for you to buy sofa :

What are you supposed to think about when you're gonna buy a new couch? Let our couch specialists guide you right in the sofa.

Do the basic job properly. For this reason, we recommend that you start with the practical details. Start by measuring the space on which the couch is to be (breadth, deep, height). Important details that give you an idea of the size of the couch in the room. Hint : Please select the sofa surface with a marker tape or newsprint. You can then start thinking about comforts, couch models, and tyger. But remember, functions and aesthetics always go hand in hand. Now, you have to ask yourself a series of questions. Are you going to use the couch mainly to lie in and watch cartoons? Do you need a big couch or a little couch? Do you want a shallowing or deep sofa? Do you want a functional bed-sofa or a removable module couch. U-couch or L-couch? Whatever answers or needs, we have the sofa you're looking for. You'll find the size of small sofths, shallow as deep, in lots of different combinations and verbots. The Sofa Store stands for freedom of choice. As a result, the majority of the sofforts are available in a variety of sizes.

Choose your couch fabric with the greatest care possible. When faced with the choice of furniture, it is a matter of taking account of where the sofa or the chair is to be taken into account and how to use it. Do you want to wash the fabric? Is the couch ready for little sticky baby fingers or standing in direct sunlight? In the case of the latter example, synthetic fabrics are more resistant to sunlight than more expensive cotton fabrics. Lessons like this will benefit you so that you always get the right fabric quality from the liking, taste and function. Our tread quality suits are coming from leading western Europe. Their collections are flexing from exclusive wool fabrics with elements of flax and silk to freshening collodenal styles and resilient skins, and the generous colour palette will contain everything from sweetening pastels to colour bombs and graphical patterns. Good to know is that the furniture fabric accounts for 50% of the cost of production of the couch, but that doesn't mean the most expensive fabric needs just the best. The luxury fabric may consist of exclusive raw materials which do not affect the quality of the denominatuance. With us, you can choose from hundreds of different fabrics, colors and verboses for both large and small wallets.

Don't stare at a nice couch for a super-low price. Most of the time, there's a catch, two or three ...

Sustainable material choices pay off. Always. We have chosen to invest in the prime quality of all sides and sides. This means that our coupons and faudles are as good-looking as wellbuilt (sustainable). We possess a genuine specic knowledge of material and material properties that will benefit you. Thus, we are happy to share with you our expertise so that you get more knowledge of what a really good sofa separates a really good couch from a man who barely even has a run for a run. I'm afraid, sadly, the cheap couches are crawling out there on the bidding of the tundra of the tart. The Soffan will be heavy because of the binding glue-and it should not be interpreted as having a lot of material in the framework. In our softest, you'll find proper wooden frames that went through meticulous and extensive testing to avoid worrying you about quality. Do you think our prices are advantageous? That's because we order the coupon directly from the furniture factory without expensive middleman. The winner will be you who don't have to compromise with comfort, function and sustainability.

The Stopping is A & O. Take a real think about what kind of comfort you are looking for. Some want to sit upright on the sofa with excellent support for the back, while others want to sink down and half lie in it. Therefore, it is important to choose comfort and padding with the utmost care. In our sofas you will find high elastic cold foam cores with high volume weight (35 kg/m3) which gives a long life and very good comfort. In the unlikely event that you buy a sofa with a very low volume weight, the cushions will sink down and look insuttna faster (short life). If you choose to buy a sofa with a comfortable spring top, the top of the sofa may look dented, but it is nothing abnormal. All it takes is a little hand-laying. If you certainly do not want a spring top on top of the cold foam core, you can expect that the sofa will feel harder. Do you like fabric sofas? Then it may be good to know that fabric sofas have a tendency to wrinkle. This is because natural materials such as cotton tend to stretch more than synthetic fabrics such as polyester. But this also depends on how thick the fabric is. Thicker synthetic fabrics provide a tougher seating comfort compared to fabrics in natural materials of the same thickness. If the natural material (e.g. linen) is not as densely woven, the comfort becomes softer.

Ps. If you have a moodboard, some nice interior design ideas or a floor plan, you are always welcome to send it to info@thesofastore.se, our dedicated and couch-crazy staff will make sure to guide you to the dream décor that sets the style of your home. Welcome to The Sofa Store!

Diego djup och stor 4-sits soffa i linnetyg och Madison grön sammetsfåtölj

Projicera soffan hemma innan köp

Att mäta ett utrymme och försöka föreställa sig hur en soffa kommer passa in i helheten är inte alldeles enkelt. Men med dagens teknik är det fullt möjligt att se en fullskalig 3D modell i ditt rum innan köp, vare sig det handlar om en matta, soffa eller fåtölj. Hos The Sofa Store har vi en ambition om att du som kund ska kunna projicera varje större möbel hemma innan köp. På så vis tror vi att vi kan eliminera eventuella felköp och efter-sälj frustrationen som följer. Förhoppningsvis leder det också till mindre slit-och-släng i samhället som följd ❤️

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