Back to basics

Our idea is simple. We want to sell sofas that last a long time and do not end up in the tip in a few years. We do not want to sell cheap furniture, made of substandard materials. We do not like constant realizations (but sometimes we also need to sell single outgoing copies). Above all, we want to help customers find their own style, with good material choices, so that you keep the furniture longer and do not contribute to a wear-and-tear society.

  • We take our responsibility

    At The Sofa Store, we know that you care deeply about the earth that our children will inherit. That is why we make the greatest possible use of materials that are made with durability in mind. The factory that manufactures the sofas for us is environmentally certified. Even the glue in the sofas' wooden construction is water-based!

  • Stor, djup och skön byggbar modulsoffa i beigegrå tyg

    Guide to buying a sofa

    We use our sofas in a completely different way than 20-30 years ago. The sofa is not just a piece of seating furniture. We want to eat our TV dinner in it, sleep over in it, and hang out with friends and relatives. In addition, it should be aesthetically pleasing and tolerate some dirt from children and pets. Buying a sofa is no small thing. Read our guide to buying a sofa where we explain the most important things to think about.

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